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First of all, stop, and just allow yourself to breath….When our thoughts do not seem to be working well for us, we often just need more oxygen flow.

Blijven ADEMEN


Take time for yourself. Spend time focusing on your personal internal needs. Get some exercise. Go on a walk or a run, perhaps. Stretch. Do Yoga.

Take care of yourself. Comfort food might be a nice addition. (There is nothing like a hot bowl of soup, or a warm cup of tea on a cold, autumn day.) 

Meditate, relax, and give yourself the emotional time and space you need to recover.

Give yourself time to simply reflect on all that you have been going through. Love yourself, and prepare yourself to be able to refocus your wits and your energies at this cycle’s end.

Sometimes, simply loving yourself is the key that makes us capable of better understanding and communication. So, relax and just let yourself be…

At this cycle’s end, everything tends to turn around and move forward, back in the correct direction. If you just take care of yourself for now, you should be totally capable of re-examining all the retrograde conflicts and situations after the 25th october 2014. 

Open communication in all  your relationships will flow more naturally again. Broken relationships can be mended,  and you will find that you and your significant other will have a much easier time communicating and working through your differences as well. 

Oriëntation... NSEW ---> WSEF

Loving, heartfelt feelings and connections, can, and will be restored!

Brightest Blessings!
Valerie R.



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